2013 chosen charity

The Lake District Country House Hotel Group and our sister company Impact International, have a charitable foundation called 'Impact Aid' that raises and donates money to charitable causes.

Established in 1996
Raised over £35,000
Helped over 200 charitable causes

Each year, we ask our employees to nominate and then vote for a chosen charity. In 2013 we are proud to announce that we have chosen Alice's Escapes and Growing Well as our charity partners.

Alice's Escapes

  • Alice Pyne was a teenage cancer patient who's 'Bucket List' captured the heart of the nation. Alice's Escapes is a charity that was set up by Alice and is now run by a team of volunteers committed to providing free holidays for families with a seriously ill child. Read more at Alice's Escapes website

"Alice’s happiest days with us were the days when we weren't pre-occupied with work, bills or hospital appointments. And as parents, our happiest moments with Alice were the times when we were cut off from the reality of our situation, just being a normal family. At a time when a holiday can mean the most, few have the means to arrange one. Our amazing girl lost her fight in January of this year, but the moments we shared will remain forever in our hearts. Our vision is to enable every sick child to enjoy a holiday with their family - an escape where they are looked after from start to finish and can simply enjoy being together, creating precious memories."
Simon Pyne

Growing Well

  • Growing Well provides people with mental health problems with an effective, supportive and inclusive farm-based community. They support people to improve their mental wellbeing by involving them in a range of activities within their organic growing business. Read more at Growing Well website

"We are delighted to have our work recognised and valued so highly by your staff and I am really looking forward to the opportunity to work together in the coming year."
Beren Aldridge
Organisational Coordinator

In addition to our two chosen charities, we provide funds and resources (where available) for other causes. As most of the money is raised internally, donations reflect the collective wishes of the company, so the causes we support can be as diverse as our people. Monies are donated to local, national and international charitable causes that are:

  •  Connected to our people
  •  Connected to our local communities
  •  Connected to our customers

For more information, to support our fundraising or to apply for a donation please click here.