Meet our new Highland Calves!

Our CEO is the proud owner of a small herd of Highland Cattle and rare breed sheep. If you are staying at Merewood you may see some of them in the field there. Earlier this year his herd grew with the birth of two adorable calves. We ran a competition for our guests to name this brother and sister and the prize was a Dinner, Bed and Breakfast stay at the Merewood. As you can imagine, we were overwhelmed with entries!

We are proud to introduce you to BONNIE and CLYDE!

Clyde is on the left and Bonnie is on the right in this photo. We hope that they won't be as troublesome as their namesakes!

Lots of you suggested this name and so we had to 'pull a winner out of the hat'. Congratulations to Charlotte McNamara from Cockermouth who has won a night at the Merewood.

Thank you to everyone who took part - we hope that this competition will be back next year.