Flavours and Fillings

Using only the finest ingredients and quality recipes, Kate's wedding cakes are baked in our kitchen ready for each order, and are available in a delicious variety of flavours. Select your favourite cake, filling, preserve and syrup to create a cake which will be delicious and moist. Please note that each tier can be a different flavour.

Traditional fruit cake

Baked 3-6 months in advance, and fed regularly with brandy for a gorgeous moist and mature taste. Sealed with apricot preserve and white marzipan beneath the top layer of icing. Why not order an extra tier of fruit cake to keep for an anniversary or christening celebration.

n.b.Fillings, syrups and preserves are not used with fruit cake.

Madeira cakes

Madeira is similar to Victoria sponge but has a little extra flour to give a firmer texture, which is necessary as a wedding cake needs to hold it’s shape. Madeira can be made in a number of flavours:

Vanilla; lemon; orange; coffee; coconut.

Chocolate fudge cakes

Double chocolate fudge; dark chocolate fudge; milk chocolate fudge; chocolate and orange; red velvet.

Cup cake flavours

Vanilla; lemon; orange; coconut; coffee; chocolate fudge; carrot; banana; ginger and orange.



Vanilla; lemon; orange; lime; coffee; Baileys; salted caramel;

Chocolate buttercreams including: chocolate and orange; chocolate and salted caramel; chocolate and Baileys

Ganache is a mixture of chocolate and double cream.

White, milk or dark chocolate ganache: chocolate and orange ganache; chocolate and Baileys ganache (or another liquer)

Preserves and curds

Blackcurrant; raspberry; strawberry; damson; apricot; lemon curd


Syrups are brushed onto each layer to add a depth of flavour and moisture, and come in a variety of flavours:

classic stock syrup; lemon; orange; lime and lemon grass; coffee; Baileys; Cointreau; Amaretto; Tia Maria; Malibu; Sambucca; Elderflower or select one of your favourite liquers from our well stocked bar

What would you choose?

Please feel free to choose your own combination of cake, syrup, filling and preserve. Here are some of our favourites:

Vanilla madeira with classic stock syrup, raspberry preserve and vanilla buttercream

Orange madeira with Cointreau syrup, apricot preserve and orange and Cointreau buttercream

Double chocolate fudge with Baileys syrup and Baileys buttercream

Dark chocolate fudge with Amaretto syrup, apricot preserve and dark chocolate and Amaretto ganache

Coconut madeira with lime and lemongrass syrup, lemon curd and lemon buttercream

Vanilla madeira with Sambucca syrup, blackcurrant preserve and Sambucca buttercream