Using only the finest ingredients and quality recipes, Kate's wedding cakes are freshly baked in our kitchen for each order, and are available in a delicious variety of flavours. Using your favourite fillings, preserves and syrups every cake will be fresh, tasty and moist. Please note that each tier can be a different flavour.

Flavours and Fillings

Cake flavours

Vanilla madeira; lemon madeira; orange madeira; coffee madeira; coconut madeira; milk chocolate fudge; dark chocolate fudge; traditional fruit cake

Buttercream and ganache fillings

Vanilla; lemon; orange; lime; coffee; chocolate buttercreams; chocolate ganache; chocolate and orange ganache

Preserves and curds

Blackcurrant preserve; raspberry preserve; strawberry preserve; apricot preserve; lemon curd


Syrups can be used to add a depth of flavour and moisture: classic stock syrup; lemon; orange; lime and lemon grass; coffee; Baileys; Cointreau; Amaretto; Kalhúa; Malibu; Sambucca or one of your favourite liquers from our well stocked bar

Cup cake flavours

Vanilla; lemon; orange; coconut; coffee; milk chocolate fudge; dark chocolate fudge; carrot; banana; ginger and orange

What would you choose?

Please feel free to choose your own combination. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Vanilla madeira with classic stock syrup, raspberry preserve and vanilla buttercream
  • Orange madeira with Cointreau syrup, apricot preserve and orange buttercream             
  • Milk chocolate fudge with Baileys syrup and Baileys buttercream
  • Dark chocolate fudge with Amaretto syrup, apricot preserve and dark chocolate ganache
  • Coconut madeira with lime and lemongrass syrup, apricot preserve and lemon buttercream
  • Vanilla madeira with Sambucca syrup, blackcurrant preserve and Sambucca buttercream